When you eat right, you are more likely to feel right.

The importance of good nutrition for your family cannot be over-emphasized. It is my goal to help others understand the importance of nutrition. People can avoid diseases, have better-behaved children, experience more energy, healthy skin, hair, nails, feel good, and have better memory all through the nutrition choices they make.

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Here are six simple steps you need to take to improve your own nutrition and feed your family well.

  1. Start now. Don`t wait until a medical crisis, such as cancer, diabetes, or a heart attack forces you to really understand the importance of nutrition. You don`t have to almost die to keep yourself from dying prematurely.
  2. Be passionate. Have you ever believed in a cause so much that it consumes every free moment? Think of your body in that way. Believe in your body and the need to feed it right.
  3. Know your nutrition. The more you know about the importance of nutrition, the better the good food will taste. Increasing your knowledge of the importance of good nutrition will make healthy foods more appealing to you, not only because of the taste but also because of their nutritional content. It`s comforting when you truly understand what you`re putting into your body.
  4. Change your mindset about food. Think of food as medicine – what you choose to eat has profound effects on your health. “Health foods†are not about self-denial, but rather about the promise of enjoying good health.
  5. Shape young children`s tastes. The first three years of a child`s life are the best opportunity to instill lifelong eating patterns. The food you serve and the habits you promote become your child`s nutritional norms.
  6. Model the importance of good nutrition to your children. Since you teach mostly by example, you have to evaluate and change your own eating habits before you can shape your children`s.