2020 Is The Year For Change



The Circle Of Life 

A white flower with yellow center on blue background.

What does you’re life look like? What will you change?

How satisfied are you with each area of your life on a scale of 0-10? 0 indicates dissatisfaction, 10 indicates ultimate happiness.

What Are you missing in your life?  The Circle of Life is to Identify imbalances. Determine in which of the areas do you need to spend time and energy to create balance. The Circle of Life is a great tool to help people understand which areas to work on and which areas you feel good about. Visualize the areas as pieces of a pie. The entire circle represents your overall life and each piece represents a different area of focus. Whether you’re looking for more joy, money, or a state of happiness and satisfaction this exercise will help you to find more of what you need in your life.

The food on your plate is not always the most important thing. Primary food overrides it. A fulfilling career, nurturing relationships, an exercise routine you love, and an enriching religious or spiritual practice are all just as important.

When you’re primary food is imbalanced, many different physical and emotional symptoms appear. Some examples are anxiety, depression, eating disorders, weight gain or excessive loss.

If your relationships are not fulfilling, you might turn to food for emotional satisfaction.

If you’re not in a loving relationship, you might come home and binge on ice cream when what you really need is hugs and kisses.

If you’re unhappy in your job, you might start to experience anxiety on Sunday nights as you think about the week ahead, or you might snack all day at work to distract your self and feed your boredom.

If you don’t have a spiritual practice, you may start to feel very lost and ungrounded and look for other people to fill that void.

Exercise is another main area of primary food that can change in your life. When you move your body regularly, you greatly reduce the risk of depression, obesity, and stress disorders.

The Circle of Life includes all the sub-areas of the main components of primary food, and it’s a great discovery tool to find out which areas are out of balance so you can take action to improve on them.

Discover which primary foods you are missing. You are in control of your life and your future, not anyone else. Are you ready to create your best life ever?





Reference: Institute for Integrative Nutrition